Saturday, August 4, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Little Black Dress!  This is your 86th Birthday.  You were created by CoCo Chanel  in the year of 1926 and have been recreated by many designers since.  Still you have survived; your  silhouette and hemline have changed through the years, but you have endured.  Now considered part of any woman's basic wardrobe, you are a CLASSIC!  Congratulations. No longer are you considered as a mourning dress, or part of a uniform; nor a garment  worn by wealth challenged citizens.  You can be elegant or simple.  Your color matches all other colors. Plain fabrics or rich fabrics make little difference, you are still suitable for royalty.  Jewelry enhances your look, whether real or fake. Travel perfect, you always look fresh and are welcome for any event.  Long Life to you!

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