Monday, November 8, 2010

Reasons to Shop

It's good for your health: walking is good exercise.
It's good for your soul: lifts you spirtually.
It's good to celebrate: special occasions, such as your birthday or your cousin's (twice removed) birthday.

 But most of all, it is good for the economy.  So SHOP 'TIL YOU DROP!   Happy Christmas to all!

Monday, November 1, 2010



Anyone who has an intense interest in fashion whether by occupation or hobby, will event-

ually be declared as “shallow”. To the uniformed, fashion is a very light-headed business.

The reality is that the fashion industry is a very serious business . It draws very skilled

people from many other industries as well as the creative, imaginative and visionary artists in

its own realm.

Fashion is an Art Form as evidenced in many museums. Current fashion of any given

time in history is responsible for the shape of the furniture we use; accommodating the clothes we


If Couture is the Mother of Fashion; Pret-a-Porter is the daughter and the Wedding

Industry a close relative. All employing very gifted people from many industries.

Fashion allows people to express themselves; it chronicles the times in which we live.

Therefore, I don't think that the Fashionistas of the world are the least bit shallow!