Saturday, August 4, 2012


I started this blog in 2010 but became so involved in reading other blogs that I had forgotten mine; my interest in fashion started at a very early age (view vintage photo); I am not a photographer or an illustrator or a designer, but I DO like to write about things that I enjoy and I have been a people watcher for a very long time.  I have always liked STREET FASHION.  It is creative and expressive.  Isn't it great that everyone is different?  If all of us were exactly alike what a boring place this world would be!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Little Black Dress!  This is your 86th Birthday.  You were created by CoCo Chanel  in the year of 1926 and have been recreated by many designers since.  Still you have survived; your  silhouette and hemline have changed through the years, but you have endured.  Now considered part of any woman's basic wardrobe, you are a CLASSIC!  Congratulations. No longer are you considered as a mourning dress, or part of a uniform; nor a garment  worn by wealth challenged citizens.  You can be elegant or simple.  Your color matches all other colors. Plain fabrics or rich fabrics make little difference, you are still suitable for royalty.  Jewelry enhances your look, whether real or fake. Travel perfect, you always look fresh and are welcome for any event.  Long Life to you!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Reasons to Shop

It's good for your health: walking is good exercise.
It's good for your soul: lifts you spirtually.
It's good to celebrate: special occasions, such as your birthday or your cousin's (twice removed) birthday.

 But most of all, it is good for the economy.  So SHOP 'TIL YOU DROP!   Happy Christmas to all!

Monday, November 1, 2010



Anyone who has an intense interest in fashion whether by occupation or hobby, will event-

ually be declared as “shallow”. To the uniformed, fashion is a very light-headed business.

The reality is that the fashion industry is a very serious business . It draws very skilled

people from many other industries as well as the creative, imaginative and visionary artists in

its own realm.

Fashion is an Art Form as evidenced in many museums. Current fashion of any given

time in history is responsible for the shape of the furniture we use; accommodating the clothes we


If Couture is the Mother of Fashion; Pret-a-Porter is the daughter and the Wedding

Industry a close relative. All employing very gifted people from many industries.

Fashion allows people to express themselves; it chronicles the times in which we live.

Therefore, I don't think that the Fashionistas of the world are the least bit shallow!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Adventures of a Chanel dress

My first little black dress - age 23 months!

The Adventures of CHANEL Dress Model #PO3583

I came into being in the year 1994, Collection 94A in the country of France at the House of CHANEL.

Upon arriving in “The States” I was destined for THE CHANEL BOUTIQUE, Highland
Park Village in Dallas Texas.

On February 16, 1995 I was purchased by Madame T. who lives in Houston. However , my arrival in Houston was delayed in order to alter my dimensions for “My Lady's” imperfect figure.
One month later Federal Express delivered me to Millvan Drive, my new home.

NOW begins The Adventure!

My first public appearance, with my proud new owner, was on February 23, 1995 at 7:30 PM
in the Wortham Center for the opening night of the Houston Ballet's performance of DON
QUIXOTE. The costumes on stage were exquisite. Rich brocades shimmered in their jewel
toned colours under the evening's lights. But I was even more beautiful with my simple, elegant
fabric adorned with the Signature Golden Nugget Buttons. My fabric is made of 100% LAINE or
wool, lined in 100% Soie or silk.

A Matador's Bolero style was chosen for the lines of my jacket. Two breast pockets
were added for “practicality” as CoCo Chanel always dictated. The cut of the cloth was similar
to one sketched by “Mademoiselle herself” IN 1938 for Harper's Bazaar. There are six buttons
down the front and three on each sleeve allowing greater wearability.
My dress is also made of black wool and silk. Jumper styled: sleeveless, low waisted,
scoop necked; “Poverty DE Luxe” as featured in the January 1927 issue of Paris Vogue.

The ambiance I project is that of an Audrey Hepburn Movie. Little or no jewelery is
necessary; when buttoned, my jacket seems to sparkle on its own.


The initial trip was a short plane ride to New Orleans for a visit with my family, and a reluctant
meeting with “My Lady's Tax Accountant on March 25, 1995. I travel well; my fabric does not
wrinkle like that of many of my sister's.

Between trips my jacket was coupled with a 20 year old black and white plaid skirt and
black leather belt buckled in gold. Quel declasse, n”est pas? Mais non! Mesdames et Messieurs.


I gave life to that old A-line skirt which many times narrowly escaped the Good Will bag.
After that success story, my jacket was tried on with evening pants of black crepe, straight wool
skirts, etc. I seemed to breathe new life into various other garments that had long been forgotten
in the back of the closet.

Many times I have been removed from my special, serene dark corner of the closet for
approval or disapproval by “My Lady's” friends, but I AM CHANEL, therefore I am invincible!

Originally, my ancestors came from Greece when Athens was the center of the Universe,
where great and wise minds expounded on the virtues of Democracy. When grace and order

On April 6, 1995 I embarked on my next plane trip. Destination: Washington, D.C. For a
family wedding in Woodbridge, Virginia. The ceremony was performed in a little brick chapel
that was 200 years old. Located on a lovely hill, the small church was surrounded by falling
apple blossoms, due to a recent cool spell. One of my “sisters” attended the wedding, since more formality was required.

The evening of my arrival, I was adorned with a gold banana pin, which emigrated from
New Orleans to Houston via The Mignon Faget Shop. Suit decorated, I then proceded to
“The Jockey Club pub and restaurant in The Ritz Carlton Hotel on Massachusetts Avenue where
“My Lady” and mari were staying.

The Ritz was built in the 1920's. The lobby was small by Texas standards, but very
elegant and intimate. Reminiscent of French Quarter Hotels in Old New Orleans, “My Lady's”
Birthplace. After a brief survey, it was decided the room was just perfect..

A warm but dignified shade of Cream adorned the walls, ceiling and woodwork. The
vaulted ceiling gave way to recessed Greek Moulding. The doors were all paneled in the
18th Century manner of a Christian Door. The hardware was a lustrous gold, picked up in the
gold damask coverings of the two Queen Ann Chairs. One on either side of a small Chippendale writing table. Two sets of French Doors flanked the desk. For reasons of safety, the two
balconies outside were not accessible but the view of the street was. Three windows were draped
in cream coloured fabrics , large silk tassels drew the last aside. Schumacher would have been

Crystal lamps were everywhere. They gave the room a light, airy feeling. All of the
furniture was mahogany and very traditional. A King Size Bed was decorated with a Cotton
Damask quilt combined with a matching dust cover. The headboard was carved mahogany. A
large Armoire, or Entertainment Center, featuring open Bat Wing Brass Pulls dominated


the room. In a cozy corner was a very comfortable Chaise Lounge equipped with ottoman and lamp table for reading and sipping coffee or tea.

Every detail was thought of. I myself resided in the Ladies' Closet on a beige Satin
Coat hanger provided by the hotel. There was also a Gentlemen's Closet. To the right of the entrance door was the Bath which was appointed with all the necessities, but in a luxurious way. The atmosphere of the Ritz had an air of quiet refinement, sophistication and comfort. Just “My Lady's”
cup of tea.

The morning of April 7th I was worn to view the White House. About ten minutes were
required to view the Public Rooms after having been in line from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM.
Sunday morning I was again selected to be used with a pumpkin coloured silk blouse for mass,
breakfast, and then a tour of Gunston Hall, a restored 18th century plantation built by George
Mason in Virginia. A great Architectural Treasure ! Designed in part by William Buckland of
England in 1755.

Monday morning April 10th , I was reluctantly taken from the closet. Then I was paired with a
beige and black patterned blouse (of 13 years vintage) for the ride home. My visit was much
too short, but tres amusant! Again I arrived unwrinkled, ready for my next adventure!

Mes Amis

chanel adv.doc.